hammockinhandNAVY Hammocks creates the lightest, strongest affordable ultra light camping hammock available. We use military grade diamond ripstop parachute fabrics for the bed of our hammocks. We’ve tested extreme weight loads and long term exposure to weather and elements to make sure our hammocks and patented toggle ropes are not only up to the challenge, they’re redefining the market in backpack style hammocks.

Our Commodore and Ensign (youth) ultra light hammocks are perfect for anywhere you can loop a Toggle Rope, and they’re tough and dependable enough to take on serious outdoor hiking or kayak adventures. (But still awesome if you just wanna chill out in the back yard, or on campus. Or on vacation, on duty, out hunting or keep one in your saddlebag or canoe…) Our packed Commodore hammock weighs approximately 12 ounces and packs tightly into a space about the size of a soda can. Add a set of our 8 oz. Toggle Ropes and you may forget you even packed sleeping accommodations!


  • UltraLite Diamond Ripstop Fabric.
  • Bonded nylon high tensile strength thread construction.
  • Our first to the market Toggle Rope easily supports a weight capacity of 1,250 pounds. (US Patent 8,443,471)
  • With proper care, our hammocks support weights in excess of 400 pounds.*
  • Sailor Made in the U.S.A. products! All of our products are proudly hand-made with top quality craftsmanship, from the best available materials.
  • Knotless toggle design requires absolutely no knot-tying wizardry to set up or adjust – in seconds!
  • Makes you instantly cooler when you have one. No doubt.**


Prototype hammock flexing its muscles
Can your hammock do this?

*We have rigorously tested our prototypes with a ridiculous amount of weight to determine their safe weight capacity load. Our maximum capacity recommendation of 400 lbs in your hammock is for your safety. Hammock camping has inherent risks and should be done carefully and properly to avoid injury.

**Actual amount of increase in coolness and timeframe in which this phenomenon is noticeable may vary, but tests have shown indications of extreme increase in coolness among our hammock and rope users (in our opinion).

Sailor Made Hammocks and Toggle Ropes – From our Sailor Made in the USA Line