About Us

Our Story

Jim McCurdy is an old salt, a retired U.S. Navy Chief. Jim has a passion for traditional nautical arts and has been producing beautiful ships in bottles, ornamental ropes and lanyards, hand crafted hammocks and much more as THE Ship in a Bottle. One night Jim awoke from a dream. Sparing you painful details, he sprung from bed that night with an idea that became our patented Toggle Ropes – they are super quick and easy to hang or adjust, require no knot tying wizardry at all and will easily support 1,250 lbs. What?! Tell me more…

Our Crew

Jim McCurdyJim McCurdy is the founder and sole proprietor of THE Ship in a Bottle and NAVY Hammocks. The Commodore, Ensign and those awesome Toggle Ropes are all Jim’s brainchildren.

Mike McCurdyMike McCurdy is the juiced up, ridiculously enthusiastic believer in our quest. Mike loves to spread the word and his passion for art and creativity translates well into our hand-crafted, high quality work ethic.

Trevor McCurdyTrevor McCurdy is the practical, ‘get it done and done right’ component of our core team. He puts the hair-brained ideas we come up with to the test and invents equally cool ways to make them better for you!

Our Mission

We want to provide the ultimate hammock camping experience to you through innovative design, meticulous craftsmanship and top quality, military grade materials. We aim to charter new territories in ultra light camping by offering the lightest, strongest hammocks and ropes available.

And we’re starting that journey with the backing of the U.S. Patent office, number 8,443,471. With your continued support we’ll doubtlessly be adding more to that list in the coming months and years.

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