Instructions & Videos

General Hammock Camping Considerations

There are some great resources out there to learn skills and techniques for outdoor safety and survival while hammock camping or backpacking. Here are just a couple basics:

Where are you planning to camp in your NAVY Hammock? You’ll need somewhere to hang. We recommend finding strong supports for your Toggle Ropes, such as trees, rocks, car luggage racks, or whatever will safely support you and your gear. Optimal distance between supports is about 12-18 feet but our ropes easily adjust for your needs. Always check for deadwood above your hang site.  High winds and vibrations can be deadly.

Simply packing a recreational sling hammock won’t do much for protection on serious outdoor excursions. Hang camping in various weather conditions requires some additional preparation. For rain or windy conditions, our asymmetrical Rain Fly will do the job. Ultra fine Bug Netting keeps out the smallest of pesky insects when you’re in their territory. Gear slings, extra PARA550 and toggles help complete your hammock camping setup. For cold weather, insulation and wind protection are a must. We will soon offer more cold weather accessories.

Videos and How-to’s

Toggle RopeOur simple to use Toggle Rope has a loop at one end with a toggle at the other.  To sling a hammock, simply wrap the end of the rope with the eye around a tree – pass the toggle end through the eye and draw it tight.  Then pass the toggle through the eye of the hammock and pass the toggle back through the rope at any point along the rope.  Simple, incredibly strong, and reliable. You can also wrap multiple passes around a tree or support for tighter spaces. You can view or download our PDF of basic Toggle Rope Instructions.

Video of simple Toggle Rope use:

The TSIB 3-pass ‘Tree Friendly’ Hitch
Be considerate of the environment and wildlife in the area, and leave as little evidence of your campsite as possible. Hammock camping requires no trenching or clearing of a level area like a tent campsite. Using a tree-friendly hitch with your Toggle Rope and leaving absolutely no trace of your presence when you leave minimizes your impact to the environment.


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